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Combining the 2 hottest trends

The Peace City 3D Show is a pioneering virtual reality internet TV show broadcast Live from Hollywood & from the Peace City Matrix. The show combines the 2 hottest trends, internet TV and virtual reality.


"Traditional" watching ... well almost
Watch a talk show with some of the most inspiring innovative, stars, producers, entrepreneurs, scientists as well as local heroes. 

Watch feature length shows on your

  • PC TV
  • Laptop or
  • PC  on larger devices.


Virtual Exhibits ..."We're going IN !"
Virtually walk through 3D exhibits related to the guests or sponsors of the show with 
your regular computer or a 3D visor.
New way of producing a show: Working Together virtually in our office .... really by the beach with laptop and wifi

The Peace City 3D show is the first ever to be partially produced in 3D virtual reality. Within the offices of Peace City TV our team from the U. S. and around the world collaborates in virtual reality to bring this show to you. Pictured is our host Sapphire with the digital body of Rose who resides in Washington and is the virtual event producer of the show.

These two people are the digital bodies of 2 real people who are on their computer in 2 different locations (Los Angeles and New York) yet they are together in virtual reality watching the show while interacting with each other.


Guests of the Peace City 3D Show are more than special


find out why on the next page ....

Under NO circumstances will any information be shared with any third party








The show  features:

  • Inspiring Celebrities 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Local Heroes






Watch "primetime clips" of the show on your 

  • PC
  • ipod or 
  • cell phone
  • PDA





We are giving away a FREE $549 eMagin 3D visor to every 33rd subscriber of Peace City
































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