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Get your SEASON PASS, your own Virtual Reality Real Estate, Your 3D home online in the neighborhood of the 3D TV set  


The season pass gives you full access to Peace City Virtual Reality for an entire season. As a season pass holder you can also participate in events such as live chat events with guests of the show.




We are giving away a FREE $549 eMagin 3D visor to every 33rd subscriber of Peace City. You can use it to visit Peace City as well as watch DVD's Subscribers are called "citizens of Peace City".


In hometown you can create your home away from home. Your virtual meeting place to meet with friends and family. Create your own place or get a finished building, townhouse or even your own island. Only the sky is the limit for your virtual space. 
Step through the portals of Alexandrite's Garden and enter into antiquity. Engage your imagination. Intrigue your senses. This magic garden is owned by a citizen of Peace City.
Your personal townhouse is a great place to meet with your friends and family online. The great advantage is that townhouses are already built and ready to be decorated with pictures of your friends and family. 
This is the entrance of a charity chateau. It is a place featuring information such as pictures, animations, movies and more related to the owner.  
This is the entrance of an art gallery. The owners actually put the same art in the building as they showcase in their "real" art gallery in Los Angeles. 
Get your Peace City 3D Shirt 


Print the “Love is on the way” logo on T-shirts or hats and wear it. Email us a picture of you and the shirt. :-) 

download jpeg file

or download word document file





The Z800 3DVisor surrounds you with an enormous virtual display – for your favorite game, your favorite movie, or your work.

  • True 3D stereovision compatible
  • Advanced headtracking so you can
    "Get Inside the Game!"™
  • Stereo earbuds for superb sound
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for those all-night Frag fests!
  • USB Powered. No batteries or bulky power-bricks.
















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