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Visit the Liberty Plaza in Peace City 3D featuring exhibitions and events related to the show.

The Liberty Plaza is a 3D virtual reality TV Studio which you can enter using a PC and where you can meet others and participate in events with others using 3D virtual reality. You can even win a ticket for a taping.

Here is how it works.
She is in Los Angeles, he is in New York, yet they are together on the "Peace City Television Studios in 3D". They enter Virtual Reality through their PC and their virtual reality body becomes visible to others in the city. A guest can enter the city from anywhere in the world and the moment she enters, her virtual body becomes visible to you. 

Once you are both logged in, you can chat with each other or you can invite her to explore the "Virtual Reality Peace City Television Studios" together. You can even attend virtual simulcasts and other events together. Virtual simulcasts are for instance Q&A events that happen in reality and in virtual reality at the same time. Virtual reality visitors can communicate live with the guests on the show and the live audience.

Register for the free VIP-tour and see the groundbreaking Virtual Reality Peace City Television Studios. 


This is where we tape the show.






You can visit and explore this studio from the convenience of your home by simply logging in using your PC





Once you leave the studio you can explore the plaza....











...and visit us where we work ....







... and you can explore hundreds of other places, get your own 3d house or garden or visit creations of other citizens of Peace City.



The only purpose for the questions on the sign up form is to make your VIP tour as much fun and as smooth as possible. 


You will be contacted by a Peace City tour - guide. The VIP tours will be organized by your geographical location, your preferred day and time for the tour and by your interests.

Under NO circumstances will any information be shared with any third party


Our host Sapphire inside of Studio 1 in virtual reality

Studio 1 wide shot

Peace City Television Plaza

Virtual Production Offices

Reception Hall with fountain

Virtual Production Office


From the studio you can venture out to hundreds of other locations in Peace City.


The "Awakened Media" Entertainment Plaza

The "Farmer John" Organic Virtual Farm

The "Awakened Media Movie Theater"

The Liberty Plaza






















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