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Live From Hollywood & Live From Peace City Virtual Reality

For the first time in entertainment history “The Peace City 3D Show” has the 3D internet in the DNA of every aspect of production and distribution. 

The show features a unique mix of celebrity interviews and inspirational stories of corporate leaders, charity administrators as well as  “real people”.

Talk show host Sapphire McHaskell offers viewers a chance to get inspired by exploring the achievements of her guests through a virtual reality exhibition.

A new dimension of audience participation is an integral part of the show. Using any PC the viewers can enter the virtual reality set of the show, win a ticket for the (virtual)  taping as well as explore the 3D exhibitions spotlighting the guests and their accomplishments.

In every episode the guests are presented with an honorary exhibition in virtual reality dedicated to their achievements. The founder of Peace City and creator of the show S@my will open this honorary exhibition together with the celebrities on the show. This expo shows the milestones of their inspiring journey and what they do to give back to the community. 

Guests of the PC3D Show are more than special:

PC3D Celebrity Guests are not invited simply based on their fame but based on their notability (celebrities who are an inspiration to others). They use their high profile to empower others, support causes, create a sustainable environment or a more inspired society. 

PC3D Entrepreneurial Guests go way beyond building successful businesses against all odds. Their efforts benefit a sustainable economy as well as a sustainable environment.

PC3D Real People (RP) Guests are ordinary people with an extraordinary impact on their surroundings. They are local heroes, survivors, educators, scientists, firefighters, emergency responders, journalists, writers, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who inspire others.

Guests of the PC3D shows are shining examples of people who empower and inspire others, who help to create sustainability in any of the areas as defined in the theory of the ideal city. 

To learn more about this philosophy please click here...

The Peace City 3D show uses entertainment and virtual reality to honor, recognize and promote people who inspire, entertain, empower or support others, aide in the creation of a sustainable environment or in the realization of a sustainable economy.

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