What is a T.EL.E.Z.O.N.E. ?

1,600,000,000 PCs

A telezone is a brand-new groundbreaking immersive style of entertainment developed by S@my Montechristo. It's a multimedia experience consisting of a theme song, a story and a place in virtual reality.

According to the famous analyst firm Gartner, in the next two years 80% of active internet users  will access the Web3.0, also called 3D Internet or virtual worlds (1,6 billion PCs by 2014)

When Thomas Edison's first movie director Edwin Stanton Porter invented "cross-cutting" (editing), motion pictures became for the first time an art form that was distinctly different from simply filming a play in a theater. Because of its novelty the 3D internet is still in search for an original unique entertainment format. S@my Montechristo's telezone is a new answer to this search. 

The word telezone consists of "tele" (far - from old greek) and "zone". If you listen to a song or read a story it takes you somewhere else, to a place you imagine. A telezone extends this experience by allowing you to go online together with other people from around the world and to enjoy this place together. It's like walking through a movie screen right into a movie and being there together with others. Not to be confused with video games, telezones provide a seamless transition to the open 3D internet, commerce and online collaboration.

Telephone means you can hear a person even though they aren't here.
Television means you can see a person even though they aren't here.
Telezone means that you can be there together.

The copyrighted word is an acronym. T.e.l.e.z.o.n.e. stands for Television enabled location based entertainment zone originating from networked environments. 













































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