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Every story or song creates images and scenes in your mind. A Peace City Telezone takes this experience to a whole new level. Meet with your friends or family inside a virtual place featuring an exhibition related to the song and story. Chat with them as you explore together. You can meet inside from any computer in the world. Get a guided tour or move around at your own leisure.

You're invited to start right now !

  1. FREE as a tourist (For PC and for all MACs running Windows Parallel)

  2. Treat yourself to the amazing features of Peace City citizenship

What does your citizenship get you?

  1. You get not only 1 citizenship but 7 !!! 3 additional citizenships for your friends and family as well as 3 citizenships for your online friends on facebook or myspace.

  2. You get amazing features such as the ability to create your virtual YOU (avatar) customized to your taste, no one will look like you, and no one can take your registered name

  3. You get easy to use social networking tools to find your friends or join them where ever they are in the city

  4. As a citizen you are helping to keep the lights on in the city, which means design, hosting costs, bandwidth costs etc and as a thank you, you will have exclusive access to the "Thank You Island" a wonderful place to spend time with your friends or family or take the boat and explore.


In the "beautiful" "Dream Castle" you will a treasure that may surprise you


You could be a featured guest 


You will discover many surprises about yourself


You can read the story in the library using amazing space links or walk right into a 3D book!!


The extended tour also takes you to our virtual TV station. On the sound stage you can participate in live events

!You can visit a legendary Hollywood Theater


In the theater we play movie clips featuring pictures of guests or citizens like you



As a citizen you can customize your virtual YOU and take a green screen picture for your photo album


As a citizen you have a variety of places to spend time with your friends and family


If you like you can visit our virtual offices and see where we work


You can see where we meet


!You can visit the office of the creator of Peace City and the new Born Beautiful Experience






















































Preview the story, the song or the place




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