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People In Peace City Believe That You Are ...

Born Beautiful
by S@my Montechristo 

You are born beautiful. I may or may not have met you in person and yet there is something that I know about you. On the day you were born you became evolution's newest expression of beauty. You are a miraculous creature, a spectacular network of cells, a unique combination of body, mind and spirit. There is no one like you from the outer frontiers of our universe all the way to the center of this blue marble called earth you inhabit. 

You are a messenger of the power of nature. Your body is like a soulful 
composition made up of fine tuned organs playing together in perfect harmony 
like a symphonic orchestra. And long before this body of yours grows up to 
became a big band, you are already equipped with all the instruments that it 
takes to turn your life into an important song. 

You may not arrive in this world with knowledge, but you are endowed with 
intuition. This heritage allows you to connect with everything this world has to 
offer. It's like a truthful pathway into our common history and legacy. When you use this gift it's like getting a glimpse of the inner workings of the 
universe, its beauty and challenges, its undeniable truth and its hope.

You are born with ability and nobility capable of dreaming of a better future, 
doing what it takes to get there and to deliver it to all who will come after 
you. Your dreams are the first evidence of reality. Your thoughts are things just waiting to be nurtured and grown into a new way of life for yourself and all of us. Don't let anyone ever doubt or stop you. Look into the mirror and remember your essence, your strength and your gifts. You are part of one all 
encompassing energy field. Close your eyes and feel your extraordinary power to tap into this energy and to give it your own touch. In an age of technology, software and hardware, I believe that all your answers are already encoded in your heartware. Throughout our history we have built and destroyed. But every day brings a new chance, a new opportunity. Today is yours. Under your skin is an ever changing organism, able to create astonishing change and incredible ideas. They are there for you to uncover. What is inside can come out, what is hidden can be revealed, what is imagined can be visualized and materialized. And if you so choose it will be just like you: born beautiful.


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     luv the story!!!! I use it when I do my morning affirmations :D . would be nice
    to  have it on my ipod...


     I love every essence of every word


     Now that I read the story and listened to the song I can't wait to visit the
    "castle on a hill in Peace City! Keep it coming ppl!!!!

Text Reply

     Thank you :)) It's very special people such as you who have visited Peace City  
    who have inspired me to write this story. soulfulgrl82 GREAT (!!!) idea. Thank 
    you !! I have sent you an email to tell you that I went to the studio to record
    it. Now it can be downloaded just like a song. We added it to the bottom of 
    the page :)() have a wonderful day all. Also CUPCAKe and anyone who wants 
    to please send us your pic we would love to put pics of our guests up in the  
    castle in Peace City 3D. 


























































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