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"Born Beautiful" provides immersive 3D alternative to "if it bleeds it leads"

Hollywood, December 1, 2009. Hollywood's New-Media Creator S@my Montechristo today presented "Born Beautiful" , a new brand of positive and empowering entertainment, consisting of an original soundtrack, a story and a place in virtual reality called Peace City.

Only 25.1 percent of the news on ABC, CBS and NBC was positive, 46.8 percent was found to be negative, according to an article by communications professors Gerald Stone and Elinor Grusin.

Montechristo says: "The media companies are not to blame because I own my remote control and don't accept to be taken hostage by it. However after this horrifying economic downturn we all may enjoy a little uplift."  S@my tells a story that "every child should know and every adult should remember, that they are Born Beautiful". The story provides a mirror for the audience, reflecting positive potential and promoting an empowering self image. With consumer confidence at historical lows, positive emotional shifts directly impact the consumer dependent economy. Transformational entertainment like "Born Beautiful" is created to fill this need.

According to renowned analyst firm Gartner 80% of active internet users  will  access the Web3.0 in the next two years (also called 3D Internet or virtual worlds - 1,6 billion PCs by 2014)

"Born Beautiful" is presented as a telezone, which is a brand-new groundbreaking immersive style of entertainment developed by Montechristo. It's a multimedia experience combining humanities oldest forms of virtual reality, a story and a song, with cutting edge virtual reality technology to create a globally accessible 3D online experience.

As 3D is becoming quickly the new vital keyword in Hollywood, movies such as Avatar clearly show that immersive entertainment has become Hollywood's hope for a prosperous future of entertainment.

"Born Beautiful" explores humanity's most desired emotion: Love & Self Acceptance. Visitors of the Peace City telezone are greeted with a moving theme song by Hollywood composer and performer Shane August. The story "Born Beautiful" can be read on the site or downloaded as an audio story. Visitors can even walk inside a 3D book to read the story. The Peace City castle invites guests into a romantic virtual medieval setting where they can participate in a virtual treasure hunt and an exhibition related to the story. They can also meet and interact live with other guests from around the world.

Montechristo summarizes his new brand of entertainment:
"Telephone means you can hear a person even though they aren't here.
Television means you can see a person even though they aren't here.
Telezone means that you can be there together."

"Born Beautiful" seeks to inspire people and to remind them of their innate positive attributes and the telezone provides an innovative and cutting edge canvas for the message.





















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