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As a counseling psychologist I spend my time searching for the inner

beauty in my clients andhelping them to see it too. In 1993 I touched

clay for the first time. It was love at first touch. My teacher,

whom I dearly love, spent a great deal of time trying

to fix me. "Its only twenty cents worth of clay,you

show it who is in charge". From the beginning,

however, clay seemed to tell me what it wanted

to be. Just as I listen to my clients, so do I

listen to the clay. Shape fascinates me.

Movement fascinates me. Color

fascinates me. Having fun

with the clay is

my goal.

I have found that Raku firing gives me some

of the colors that fit my pieces. I attempt to

put love in every piece that I make and I hope

that this joy is experienced by those who see my work.


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